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Cash to Account

Cash à Compte

The possibility to transfer money from your location into your bank account.

The search for a stable financial situation often leads to the migration of people around the world.

Repatriation of the savings done through many years of hard work to her or his country of origin is often a headache.

Tailored to the needs of migrants, Cash to Account allows you to transfer money directly to your bank account in your country of origin.

And the transferred funds will be credited to the beneficiary’s bank account within a short time framework.

It thus permits the migrants to safely and discreetly have savings for their projects in their country of origin.

How to carry out a Cash to Account transfer ?

icone Loupe STEP 1
Find the nearest QuickCash agency.
icone Quick Cash STEP 2
Visit the QuickCash agency with a valid identity card.
icone Formulaire STEP 3
Fill out the Form (communicate the account number and the name of the receiving bank) and then submit it to the person behind the counter along with the money to be transferred and the transfer fees
icone Opérateur STEP 4
After entering all information and validating transaction, the operator will issue a receipt on which will appear a control number of 12 digits. This slip is to be kept carefully for future claim.
icone Billets de banque STEP 5
The money is credited to your account by your manager in maximum 48 hours.

N.B : For the withdrawal of funds transferred to your bank account via QuickCash, please refer to the bank debit policies.