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Cash to Card

Cash à Carte

It is the transfer of money from an individual onto a card.

Want more freedom? The Cash to Card may surely be suitable for you. In 2013, QuickCash is launching its Cash to Card.

It allows you to transfer money to a card. The cardholder can then make the withdrawal in all ATMs of banks affiliated with the GIM-UEMOA network. Operations can be carried out 7/7 and 24/24h.

The card also allows you to make purchases and it functions like a bank account. The amount transferred can be fully or partly withdrawn as needed until exhausted. It is ideal for travelers, students and the unbanked.

How to proceed with Cash to Card transfer ?

icone Loupe STEP 1
Find the nearest QuickCash agency.
icone Quick Cash STEP 2
Visit the QuickCash agency with a valid identity card.
icone Formulaire STEP 3
Fill out the Form (communicate the card number and cardholder’s identity) and then submit it to the person behind the counter along with the money to be transferred and the transfer fees.
icone Opérateur STEP 4
After entering all information and validating transaction, the money is directly credited on the card. There is neither a transfer number nor a password to be communicated. However, the operator will issue a receipt containing a transfer number. Keep it safe for any claim.

How to withdraw money from a Cash to Card transfer ?

Go to any of GIM-UEMOA ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) with your card.
icone Billet de Banque STEP 2
Insert your card into the slot provided for this purposes and follow the instructions. At the end of the operation, remove your card and keep it for future operations.