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Message from the Managing Director

DGThe creation of yet another money transfer company in a highly competitive environment might seem inappropriate. However, it is not!

Generally, money transfer companies offer services that work only in urban areas with optimal electricity, telephone and Internet coverage conditions.

But we know that in Africa, most of the population lives in rural areas and so it became imperative to develop solutions that reflect this reality.

It is in this context that QuickCash was founded. This African money transfer company with an international outlook aims to revolutionize the money transfer market by offering simple, fast, secured and cost-effective solutions adapted both in urban rural areas.

With QuickCash henceforth, the peasant does not need to travel dozens of kilometers to send money to her or his offspring attending school in the city. The latter will equally not need to go through intermediaries to send money back to the parents in the village.

Long distances are shortened, barriers are broken, and relationships are warmly maintained.

With QuickCash, Transfer more than just money !

Managing Director of QuickCash